Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Here we are beginning of February and here in Sweden the ground has been covered in snow for longer than I can remember...The running is also quite tough as the temperatures are down to -10 sometimes but ive managed to put in a few sessions in the past 2 weeks and some gym. Not as much as I would have liked to but my mood hasnt been the best either.

I was however bored one day and I thought to myself how about doing your first marathon for the year Andreas and 1 minute later I had flight and entry taken care of to the Barcelona Marathon on the 7th of March...Other people might go for a beer or go to the movies when they are bored but me I sign up for a marathon...I know there must be something not sane in my head... The issue here however is that I come from 4 months of an extremely stressful job onboard a cruise ship and training havent really been a a part of that experience and the weekend before I am organizing my best friends bachelor party where we will be going abroad and with the 10 of us going I know that party will be on the agenda but its all about the mental part for me at this stage when it comes to surving a marathon with a decent time, perhaps not as good as the one last year but I am sure I will do ok.

I am really excited for the spring and summer where I will increase the dose of running a lot as well as doing more races and among them my first "flat" half marathon in the worlds biggest race being Göteborgs Varvet with 45 000 runners.

Reflection of the day
I have just moved back home to Sweden after almost 12 years abroad all over the world. I have decided this move much because of the many years of forsaking my best friends and family plus I want to give myself and my girlfriend a fair chance of creating something however when it comes to jobs its like banging your head in a wall. Over the past 12 years I have created a CV that would make any 60 year old jelous and I would have thought it would be looked upon with great interest coming back home but I am stuck. The feeling I get in the times of what everyone calls the global crisis is that people have turned into animals protecting their jobs as if it was their children. Many employees do not work for the challenge in the job, the creativity and taking it forward. Many people sit out their time to get that pay check at the end of the month and thats it. They want no change, no new people just keep everything the way it is and I will survive mentality. It is something very frustrating feeling as if you threaten people. I am sure it is all a matter of time as everything always turns out for the best in the end but it makes me sad seeing people taking no pride in their work, not doing what they really would like to do.

Have a great day everyone


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  1. As usual, Andreas, some good news mixed with the bad ones.
    I am truly glad you chose to go back to Barcelona for the marathon and also belive you will make it through nicely. Maybe not quite as fast as 09 but who cares when that is not the target? :-)

    As for job seeking...well, I am much afraid that getting through the workday just to get the money is the wide majority of workers attitude all over the world.
    So, keep up the job junting. Eventually, you will land one, and that very same lack of enthusiasm in others might very well work to your advantage ;-)
    On the other hand, you might as well start an entrepreneur career...