Monday, June 29, 2009

Promotional Video

Welcome back all:)
Having been away on a short trip to Barcelona trying to sort out my personal life in terms of work I did manage to fit in some running and quite a bit to be honest. As it was splendid weather I did 3 hours and 20 minutes on the beach of Barcelona and it was tough indeed but to get in shape and used to sand in the Sahara in 9 months it was neccessary. Once back in Madrid me and the rest of the team plus Ana did a little mountain run on the Sunday. Ana who has her first mountain marathon coming up in just a few weeks in the Basque regions did quite well and should ready in time for the race.
As we are closing up to our big goal in just 9 months I think it is time to start promoting our team a bit more. Having said this I offer you a little promotional video of what we are up to and have been up to. Enjoy

All the best


  1. Nice video Andreas :-)
    It sometimes feels good to look back for a minute to see where you have come from.

    Specially when you look ahead towards our goals and they yet seem daunting: be it at the Alps this summer or next sping over the Sahara.
    But, let it come...

  2. Espectaculares fotos Andreas, y maravillosa canción, en mi opinión una de las mejores de U2, es decir, una de las mejores canciones, sin más...

    Abrazos. ;-)

  3. Impressive!!!

    Thank you for this wonderful job, Andreas, the result is very professional. This video MUST be linked in UO2 website hehe. A new post is coming ...